by Ditto's Blood

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released October 23, 2013


all rights reserved



Ditto's Blood Mantua, Italy

Italian ambient nintendocore band, formed in 2011.

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Track Name: Road To Zanarkand
my road to zanarkand begins now
i'm the only one who will face sin
i've lost my family and my friends
but i'm fighting with a smile

one thousand years after the tragedy
take my hand and walk with me
in this damned road
where is our god?
we'll suffer all the pain, not alone
but togheter we'll kill him

am I in a dream?
locked in this world
we fight tonight
locked in this nightmare

this will be sad for me
but i'll love you forever
inside my soul there's still hope
to see you again

never trust them
we say forever it's right away
that moment when
we mark all the lines again

I watched you burn
and throw down with me
and then we'll meet again
Track Name: Chronicles From Tau Volantis
I thought I've lost
in the land of the tragedies
where they keep control our minds
where we follow the marker
like a god sign
leviathans everywhere
I have shot in the face of thousand necromorphs
I survived and I realized
that falling in love is a perfect curse

guardians in front of me
my last bullet will keep me alive
dismember them
bodies between me without life
I can't forget the moment when you arrived
to save that fucking marker
get away from me

i want to get out of there
i can't stop running away
i want to sleep a few
i wanna live again

they aim to make us fall
lay down and see this bones
i'll never see the space again
my head is full of the pictures that i never wanted
to see again but i believe that you and me
will can survive cause it's a better day, my dear
and when you're searching for an end
you see the answers for a better world

make us whole
and face yourself

goodnight, monster
I've broke your face
and i'm ready to do it again and again
Track Name: Enguarde
fingers holding all the buttons i see
a crocodile at the end of the street
it's waiting me he's got his cannonballs
he failed once and he'll fail again today

this is my last chance
and we will be against him

follow the worlds
between galleons and snowy lands
follow the worlds
between gliders and the deepest seas

failed once, failed twice
i won't never feel the dark on myself
game over, man

say again your prayers
i'm coming tonight to face yourself
i gotta let my brother out this place
and catch them
my soul is inside all these animals
i see another new lost world
we'll fight another round

and beat this fucking sword
Track Name: Lavender Again
lavender town
i feel upset for my creatures already dead

say me what can i do for the reason
I've lost a part of me again
I have to wait til the next far season
I lost a part of me again

what have i done
I've lost a part of me again

never lost your fault
i'm not coming back home
Track Name: Mothership [Enter Shikari Cover]
go tell all your friends that this is the end
this is the end

i don't understand a word you're saying
what are the clouds running from?
there's something in the air tonight
something is wrong, spit it out!

I just fell from the mothership
they said that
your answers, they're always lying on the ocean bed

there's something in the air
tonight, i'm wide awake

and i'll plead with a thousand voices
I am sane!
my soul felt so safe up there
no self-centred natives destroying our earth

walk the plank!

your answers, they're always lying on the ocean bed
Track Name: Heartless
take your hands off my heart

you know that nothing changes

remember when you said forever
and then we walked in the same road
togheter hand in hand
i thought a world lived by togheter
and everything is in ruin
forever in my feelings

is like a walking through your life
you don't care
and everything seems a bad day
is what i wanna for my life
everything around that lies

away from me
stay away from my sight
it's better for each other
it never ends
i can't stand here again
you stole my heart

where were you been?
i waited you while
you lied to me

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